The Entire Nation of Amberica - Population: Me! (amberica) wrote in ljarchaeologist,
The Entire Nation of Amberica - Population: Me!

Should we dig it up?

Wow, I can't believe how DEAD this community is!

I'm an archaeologist by degree, have done some fieldwork in the Upper Midwest (USA), but now work for a major software company. Does anyone here work in the field? Or is anyone HERE?

Hello? -ello? -lo? -o?
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I'm here, a 3rd year archaeology major at the University of Calgary, Canada. Just joined a few days ago, and was also wondering if anyone actually watches this site!
::jumps up and down:: Je suis ici! :) I am a undergrad archaeology student....anyone know of field work ops in India?? :)
I am a couple years out of touch with the field, but I do know of some places you can start looking for work:

The best advice I got before I graduated was to subscribe to the Shovel Bums email list - they send out job listings almost daily (or you can just opt to view job listings on their site), and while most of them are in the US, I think I have seen some jobs listed in other countries.

Also check - it's a good resource for job-hunting and even networking through the forums.
Well, I'm not a member here (maybe if there was a bit more activity) and I'm much like you, an ex-archaeologist. 4 years Uni, 3 in the field, and then I got made redundant and now work in IT. Bah.
Just found you all here. BS in Anthro, MA in History (where museum studies was covered). After no luck finding work in museum field, was recommended as a few CRM/Enviromental companies to check into. Been working as a subcontracter a little over a year. Now they've trained me in cell sites, so I've been doing that almost 2 months now.