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Festival of British Archaeology 
09:27am 16/07/2010

Hi there!

I thought this comm might be an ideal place to tell you about Festival of British Archaeology that's happening from 17th July to 1st August 2010. Info can be found
here and hopefully there's something that'll interest you.


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A house with a view (Rome in Augustus' last years) 
06:32pm 17/02/2010
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Ok, I hope this is a right place to post.

I am looking for pictures, maps, drawings or texts that can give me an accurate idea of what would be the view that Octavius Augustus would have from his house at the Pallatine Hill during the last years of his life, which I guess it's almost the same as asking for a view of Rome in 5-14 AD.

Anybody knows about web pages or books that maybe have attempted reconstructions? Or the best way to approach is making a list of public/private buildings of the time individually and them put them together because there is no such thing? (if so, any specific place to look? -- if not I'll keep looking in different places).

Thank you kindly for your time.
All I have to say, is... 
01:50am 29/01/2007
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Grad School! 
11:10pm 01/10/2006
  Hey everyone, I'm in the final year of my BSc in archaeology. I'm planning to go on and get my masters, and have a couple of questions for you all!!!

1) How do you go about chosing the right school for shaping the rest of your life?


2) Can anyone recommend any good masters programs in Canada? Maybe with some comments on why you would recommend that school too!

Thanks in advance everyone!
Should we dig it up? 
03:40pm 18/01/2006
  Wow, I can't believe how DEAD this community is!

I'm an archaeologist by degree, have done some fieldwork in the Upper Midwest (USA), but now work for a major software company. Does anyone here work in the field? Or is anyone HERE?

Hello? -ello? -lo? -o?
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Community archaeology 
04:04pm 08/04/2005
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Hi Everyone,

I just found this community, and thought I would join. I was wondering how many people have looked into community archaeology. I know it's a pretty new subfield of archaeology, but I can't seem to find that many recent sources about it. I'm writing a paper right now on the topic and looking at, mainly, the involvment of indigenous communities within archaeological projects. But, for some reason, alot of the articles I have found are from the early 90's. I was hoping for some more recent stuff. So, if anyone has any info about the subject it would be appreciated.

01:57pm 02/03/2005